Why have a dirty mattress or filthy carpets or gross looking sofas? Affordable, Reliable and Responsible cleaning is Here!

Got a Near-Dead Mattress, Sofas or Carpets?

Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning

Mattress cleaning helps with allergic reactions.

For all your healthy probiotic mattress cleaning, probiotic dry carpet cleaning and probiotic upholstery cleaning without nasty chemicals or horrible petroleum-based detergents, you have come to the right place! Out with the old - In with the new!

General household hygiene is an ongoing concern for everyone, and this must include mattress cleaning & dry carpet cleaning. If you want to enjoy good health and well-being amid the humidity of Brisbane, there are specific tasks to do. You vacuum your carpets, clean and mop the hard floors, clean & sanitise your toilets, kitchen bench, walls, cupboards and sinks regularly. 

So, what can your Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning Service do for you?  There is a growing number of harmful bacteria viruses lurking where you don’t expect to see it. There are also invisible potent allergens that can trigger or even cause asthma attacks, hay fever, sinus or eczema skin outbreaks.

Please see our note regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mattress Dry Cleaning Service

Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning

Mattress cleaning helps bring peaceful sleep.

When was the last time you had your mattress professionally cleaned and sanitised? You spend one-third of your life in your bed but is it clean? Your mattress is known to be the worst harmful bacteria riddled piece of furniture in your home. It’s not all bad news, however. Your Brisbane mattress cleaners can revitalise your bed, making it fit and healthy for use once again.

RevitaClean is your professional Brisbane Mattress Cleaning Service, the Redlands, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Logan and Redcliffe – and everywhere in between! Many people have questions regarding mattress cleaning, such as how often and the best system. I will answer any questions here. 

The Problem with Mattress Steam Cleaning

Storage, dust mites, everyday use, urine and other bodily fluid spills, moving house, pet dogs and cats, water and drink spills cause negative issues for your mattress. RevitaClean, your professional Brisbane Mattress Cleaning Service is all about excellent outcomes for you and your health. We use a predominately dry mattress cleaning method with natural products - NO harsh carpet cleaning chemicals, solvents or nasty fossil oil-based detergents that other mattress steam cleaning methods use.

A Simple Word of Warning - You should never use "steam cleaning" (generic term for hot water extraction) on a mattress.  Mattress steam cleaning can void your warranty as it leaves the bed damp internally for hours, even days. It can damage the padding, rust the springs, attract mould spore and harmful bacterial growth. I have even seen rusted mattress springs from using steam cleaning on a mattress. There is one added consideration – Hot water extraction also needs the use of chemical pre-sprays and detergents that can be harmful to your skin and respiratory system. It might be a cheap alternative, but is it worth your health and your costly investment?

Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Service Brisbane

How about your carpets? Do you usually use carpet steam cleaning? Steam cleaning carpets look ok initially, but once again, the use of chemical pre-spays and detergents can affect your health, carpets and sub-floors negatively. If the carpet cleaner uses too much water, it can seep through the fibres, underlay and into the sub-floor. Excess water use leads to a whole new range of potential issues including mould, bacteria, carpet delamination, damage to the floor, carpet shrinkage and returned stains to the carpets.

RevitaClean Brisbane once again has the solution. Our Eco-friendly dry carpet cleaning system here in Brisbane and Redlands is dry when we leave – That’s our guarantee. We use 95% less moisture, all-natural products and no chemicals. We deep clean your carpets to draw out the deep-down dirt followed by sanitising at no extra cost. Your carpets are dry on completion - No waiting! We feed your carpets with a healthy probiotic to keep the harmful bacteria away as well as neutralising dust mite allergens.

Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning are essential routine inclusions for your diary. It's a great way to keep your home or hotel healthy and fresh. Call your professional Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning Service and Urine Removal today on 0432 333 464 for a free quote and advise. We service Brisbane South, Brisbane East, Brisbane West, Brisbane north, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Redland City, Logan City and the Gold Coast.

Mattress Cleaning | Dry Carpet Cleaning | Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Genuine Customer Reviews

Please note that the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not yet affected our ability to deliver our high-quality customer service and premium probiotic mattress cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning. However, as you are aware, this event is changing by the minute.  A COVID-19 disclaimer is on our contact page when requesting a quote.

We are still open for business until advised otherwise. Wash your hands regularly with soap, drink plenty of water and practice "social distancing" - This is Law!

RevitaClean Reviews

Review Samples

Highly recommended. Daren came out within a couple of hours of the call to clean a large food spill. He was very friendly and did a fantastic job at an excellent price.

The carpet looks even better than it did before and it had been recently dry cleaned. There were no smells or chemicals and the carpet could be walked on straight away.

We will definitely be calling Daren next time we need carpet cleaning.

Michelle & Graham - Victoria Point

Daren was brilliant! His service was fast, friendly and extremely efficient and his pricing was really reasonable compared to many other Brisbane companies. My mattress was absolutely disgusting after an animal died under it while I was on holiday (?! ikr!) but after Daren was done it was as good as new and could be slept on again that night. Thank you so much!

Sarah & Patrick - Arana Hills

Awful dog smell completely gone! Professional and incredibly friendly - Darren and his son were a highlight for my day! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Danielle - Forest Lake

Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning

Excellent Service

RevitaClean enjoys our success due to the amazing customers we serve. Customers are the life blood of Brisbane and Redlands leading Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning and upholstery cleaning business. To return the favour, we honour our customers by giving them excellent customer service. We are so excited to experience their return business time and time again along with referral business. Thanks so much, you are champions! Daren.

RevitaClean Testimonials

RevitaClean Reviews
Mattress Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning

Why Use RevitaClean?

No synthetic chemicals | No hot water extraction​ (wrongly called “steam cleaning”) | Natural probiotic system | Easy, helpful service | Safe, healthy results Eco-friendly system| Owner-operated small business – Not a Franchise

RevitaClean doesn't just talk 'green'. Your Brisbane mattress cleaning & carpet dry cleaning leaders use green products. It's great for the environment and your family's long-term health. No harsh chemicals and 95% less water on your carpets than the old hot water extraction system (also wrongly known as "carpet steam cleaning"). Probiotic Mattress Cleaning, Dry Carpet Cleaning and Chemical-Free Probiotic Upholstery Cleaning with great results to boot. Servicing Brisbane, Redlands to the Gold Coast.

Probiotic Mattress Cleaning

Brisbane Mattress Cleaning Service treats the whole mattress, the top, bottom and the four sides - not just the parts you can see. We remove dust mites, allergens, mould spores, harmful bacteria & urine spills

Dust mites, their potent allergens, bacteria, mould and dead skin in your mattress can be harmful to your health. RevitaClean makes your mattress healthy and clean once again

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets will be clean, fresh and able to walk on immediately! No more wet, soggy and smelly carpets or mould and bacterial growth risk with RevitaClean

How awesome... Clean carpets and no chemicals, detergents & 95% less water than steam cleaning! Best choice for your health, your family's health & for the environment.

Quality Upholstery Cleaning

No hot water extraction (steam cleaning) used on your fabric sofa. Your lounge will be clean, fresh and ready for use with our revolutionary & safe Eco-friendly probiotic cleaning system

We clean fabric upholstery safely and carefully. Call us and we'll make your sofas and chairs look fantastic, fresh & clean.

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