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Dry carpet cleaning ensures No water or chemical damage to the carpet, underlay or floor

"...we are here to offer the best cleaning solutions with the safest practices, delivering the best outcomes"

"Watching relatives and friends suffer asthma attacks is horrific. This disease must not to be taken lightly. It's simply dreadful and if we can help reduce contact with dust mite allergens in some small way, it's worth it"

Spot the difference. Our amazing upholstery cleaning system is Eco-Friendly, Effective, Safe and Clean

The RevitaClean Story - In Short

Enjoying the benefit of many life experiences both corporately and personally, the owner of RevitaClean developed a cleaning system that works. "When you have a broad range of business experiences, you glean the best ideas to create an effective product that satisfies your customers", Daren Barwick said. "When prospective customers consider which company to deal with for their mattress or carpet cleaning needs, two things must be realised. 1. Customer service - Ease of doing business and 2. Quality of artistry - Do they provide the best solutions delivering the best outcomes" he continued.
RevitaClean Testimonials

Dust Mite Allergens

The RevitaClean story began in 2011 as 'Mattress Makeover' with a simple goal - To help people suffering from dust mite allergens in Brisbane and the Redlands. Symptoms including asthma attacks, hay fever, sinusitis and eczema outbreaks on the skin are common effects of this potent trigger. "Watching relatives and friends suffer asthma attacks is horrific. This disease must not be taken lightly. It's simply dreadful, and if we can help reduce contact with dust mite allergens in some small way, it's worth it", Daren explained recently.

RevitaClean has received tremendous positive feedback for its Brisbane mattress cleaning service. This is because they strive to go beyond the call of duty to deliver customers the best possible outcomes. Customers have various needs when it comes to mattress cleaning and sanitising. These needs include general hygiene and maintenance, the removal of sweat stains, safe urine removal from the mattress, horrible odour removal, dust mite removal and recovery of the bed following storage or from shifting the house.

Hotel & Motel Mattress Cleaning

Hotels and motels need regular mattress hygiene maintenance as their duty of care responsibilities for their paying patrons. Sleeping on a second-hand mattress is a little daunting. The thought of sleeping on an uncleaned and untreated bed used by hundreds of different people is 'freak out' territory... don't you think? When you make your next hotel booking, ask if they regularly have their mattresses professionally cleaned and sanitised.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

2014 was the year Mattress Makeover became RevitaClean. After resisting many requests by customers to include Brisbane carpet steam cleaning, RevitaClean finally succumbed. "This came after having a dry carpet cleaning system new to Australia demonstrated to me. So, impressed, I learned the system, and the rest is history. We have gone one better than carpet steam cleaning - genuine and highly effective carpet dry cleaning. It's dry before we leave!" Please note this is not a so-called 'dry' bonnet carpet cleaning method. We use a genuinely dry carpet cleaning system, so you don't have to wait hours for it to dry...Amazing!

Quality Upholstery Cleaning

Finally, to complete our repertoire of main product offers is upholstery cleaning. This includes most fabrics and leather cleaning, conditioning and protection. "We only use the finest products that are natural, Eco-friendly and very effective. Great outcomes are our expectations. We strive for the best results for our wonderful customers, including using the best products available, " Daren stressed. RevitaClean boasts of not using any harsh chemicals, solvents or petroleum-based detergents. Our alternative products are safe, effective and great for our customers.

Make your mattress clean & healthy for your family

Potent dust mite allergen removal with millions of dust mites

Fresh, Healthy, Clean Mattress, Carpets and Upholstery

Some customers only look for the lowest price. That's fine, but we won't compromise on quality; our rates are always very competitive. Remember, if you pay cheap, you will probably get cheap mattress or carpet cleaning results. 

Call RevitaClean today for a free quote at 0432 333 464.  Brisbane, Redland City & Logan. For the complete list of areas we service, please click here. A Brisbane Carpet Cleaning and Mattress Cleaning System that Works!