Safe, Healthy Cleaning of your Mattress and Carpets

Safe, Healthy CleaningAs we dutifully reach for the poisons cupboard to find our trusty general cleaning products, do we really know what we are reaching for? Do we choose safe, healthy cleaning practises or are they based on how our mums cleaned the bathroom years ago?

The supermarket shelves are filled with a plethora of cleaning chemicals.  Take chlorine bleach for instance. We pour it into the toilet to “freshen up” the bowl and spray it on the shower screen to get rid of the soap scum and mould. When finished, we suffer the affliction of the lingering bleach odour in our noses hours afterwards.

It stinks right? Why do you continue to smell the bleach long after using it? Because it is poison.

According to University Health News, there are genuine concerns using poisons such as bleach. “Several studies have found that bleach and other cleaning products are associated with respiratory irritation and respiratory problems, such as bronchitis. Adults are at risk too; women exposed to the fumes from various cleaning products, especially bleach fumes, report higher levels of asthma symptoms and chronic bronchitis symptoms.

Safe, healthy cleaning

Other cleaning products can be harmful to respiratory health as well. For example, kids who were exposed to the most antimicrobial cleaning products in their homes had the highest rates of allergic symptoms.”

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of antibacterial soap. This soap, according to Harvard University, contains triclosan, a substance which has a negative impact on the environment. Scientists at the university also believe triclosan increases the risk of generating drug-resistant bacteria.

There is another problem killing all bacteria on our hands. Most bacteria we regularly have contact with is beneficial for good health and well-being. One scientist told me recently that around 92% of bacteria we have contact with is beneficial. Like consuming antibiotics can create an imbalance in our gut biome, the use of all these chemical cleaners will kill 99% of bacteria, including those that are our “friends” which protect us from disease-causing pathogens.

The bottom line is, when we reach for that sanitiser or chemical cleaner do we really know the potential detrimental health effects it has on us and our family?

RevitaClean does not use such chemicals to clean your mattress, lounge or your carpets. In fact, we add more beneficial bacteria for safe, healthy cleaning. It really is worth considering calling RevitaClean when you need your mattress cleaned, carpets dry cleaned or your upholstery cleaned. Our naturally derived products are a safe, chemical-free and free of petroleum-based detergents.

Choose the safe, healthy cleaning the natural way. Call RevitaClean today for a quote on 0432 333 464. Brisbane, Redlands, Logan & Gold Coast.

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