Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Dining chairs after both are cleaned

We recently had the pleasure of a long-term customer asking us to their home north of Brisbane to do some upholstery cleaning. The picture to the left is the final result of 2 dining chairs requiring cleaning. As with the last time we cleaned the 6 dining chairs and lounge suite, I was astonished how well they came up. 

These suede chairs were covered with food (young children live there), play dough, marking pen, pet dander and general  everyday dirt and grime. We took a before shot to show the comparison which follows below. I really enjoy watching the expressions on my customers' faces when they initially see the way their seats, lounge chairs and sofas look when we have completed the job. 

The secrete to high quality upholstery cleaning is primarily twofold...

  1. Knowing the upholstery fabric to be cleaned
  2. Using the correct method and products for that particular upholstery cleaning job

For example, I have turned up to try and 'fix' previous tradies mistakes to find the fibres on lounges scorched from too much heat and pressure applied. On occasions I have found watermarks all over the fabric due to too much moisture applied. Some occasions the customer has shown me stains and spots that were 'removed' while the upholstery was being cleaned only to return after the sofa was dry. The bottom line is - the person who you choose to clean your sofa, lounge, expensive recliners or dining seats must know what they are doing and take the time to ensure it is done properly.

We believe in building strong professional relationships with our customers. This can only happen by giving customers the best possible service and realistic outcomes. The reality is, not all stains can be removed regardless of the magical, unrealistic promises some make. Also, not all upholstery will come up looking new. Due to age, scuffing and fading, UV damage, some sofas, recliners and chairs will age gracefully. 

Upholstery Pre-Vacuum

Every dining chair, lounge suite or reclining chair or sofa we clean is commenced by a thorough dry vacuum. This removes the loose debris, hair, dead skin cells and dust mite allergens.

You don't want mud forming in the padding and upholstery fibres which leads to a whole new range of problems hence the dry debris removal prior to our product application. We clean the whole seat, not just the parts you see!

Cold Extraction

After much experience in cleaning upholstery, we only use cold extraction. By this we mean we don't use the hot water extraction (wrongly called steam cleaning).

The application of heat where urine is involved and other substances like blood can set the stain in. Hot water can also cause fabric shrinkage, stitching and other fibre damage. Our new generation ph neutral products are safe for all water safe fabrics.

No Sticky Residue

RevitaClean uses no detergents. Such products are manufactured from crude oil - a petroleum based product. Detergents leave a sticky residue that attracts fast resoiling after the upholstery has dried.

Our enzymatic cleaning products are based on naturally produced enzymes that are totally safe for the whole family and pets. Also, your chairs and sofas stay cleaner for longer. Great for the family budget too!

Uphostery Cleaning Brisbane - Safe and Highly Effective

Upholstery CleaningHow do we achieve such amazing results? We don't use the old detergent and chemical based system. We don't use the  hot water extraction method (steam cleaning). This outdated method has passed on to make way for this natural system that is safe for all fabrics and leaves no sticky detergent or harsh and harmful chemical residue. That means your chairs, sofas and lounges will stay cleaner for longer. We leave no water marks and all stains we remove will not return.

In fact, our products utilise natural biological cleaning methods so they continue to clean after we leave! Great for your health and fantastic for the environment. If you haven't noticed, the chair on the left was only vacuumed, not full cleaned yet.

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