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At RevitaClean, we can't stand dirty carpets, and we totally understand if you feel the same way. Despite regular vacuuming, carpets tend to get dirtier by the day, with stubborn stains and lingering odour ruining their novelty.

RevitaClean has an effective carpet cleaning approach to suit your situation. If your carpet is laden with dirt, stains and odour, and you want it cleaned for immediate use, dry cleaning is a great option as compared to carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane which has longer drying times.

And to make your carpet last, we always check the 'fabric care instruction label' before pulling out our cleaning equipment.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of regular home or office hygiene maintenance. Over time our dead skin, walked in grime, spills and everyday living pays toll on our soft furnishings, particularly our carpets. It's time to have your carpets cleaned by RevitaClean.

Brisbane Carpet CleaningThere are numerous carpet cleaning methods and some are much better than others. These methods range from the old and somewhat outdated 'Carpet Steam Cleaning' and 'Shampooing' to the predominantly dry carpet cleaning methods. Your Brisbane carpet cleaning system is a genuinely dry system that you can walk on immediately.

Let's discover together the primary differences:

There are Many Carpet Cleaning Methods

This is not the time to go into great detail concerning the differences between the many carpet cleaning methods. Hot Water Extraction or "Steam Cleaning", Shampooing and Bonnet Buffing or Skimming, are all wet systems and require many hours if not days to completely dry. Moisture can saturate not just the carpet fibres but also the carpet backing, the underlay and the sub-floor. These methods are slowly loosing favour with customers because of the slow drying time, the chemicals and detergents remaining in the pile leaving sticky, dirt-attracting residue and the returned stains that occur as the carpet dries. 

Clients today are demanding less detergents and harsh chemicals and electing for alternatives that are Eco-Friendly and Human and Pet Friendly.

Let me introduce you to a system that ticks all the boxes - and it even cleans effectively!

The RevitaClean Dry Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

The RevitaClean Carpet Dry Cleaning System utilise sponge-like particles that are brushed through the carpet fibre with a purpose built machine. (The carpet is pre-sprayed with a light mist of enzyme powered, grime dissolving solution) Just like a hand sponge absorbs grime from wiping down a dirty surface, these tiny particles absorb dissolved dirt and grime from the carpet into themselves on a mass and micro basis. Once the carpet has been thoroughly groomed, the particles are vacuumed away carrying the grime with them. Any particles missed in the vacuuming process will remain inert and continue to absorb dirt or residue tracked in, only to be vacuumed out with the next routine vacuum. All vacuumed waste, being organic, decomposes quickly taking with it the dirt and grime. Remember: With RevitaClean's Brisbane Carpet Cleaning you can expect the following...Brisbane Carpet Cleaning

  • No ugly tide marks
  • No sticky residue
  • Immediate use
  • Cannot shrink or warp seams
  • Will not matt, dis-colour or fade
  • No caustic chemicals used
  • Safe for all carpet types
  • No wet, smelly mess

Be aware of other cleaning systems falling under the DRY banner, as they are not the same. The RevitaClean carpet cleaning system is dry before we leave or it's free*! 

* Unless deep stain removing products are used and may take longer to completely dry 

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