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Brisbane Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising is Good for your HealthBrisbane Mattress Cleaning

Since 2011, the team at RevitaClean has dealt with many different issues about our customers' needs.

Urine spills on the mattress from our pet cats and dog, our children and even adults. Many other bodily fluid spills that leave a mess and needs immediate attention. Soiling on the mattress from moving to a new house or from keeping it in storage. Mattresses hate storage—they‘ breath’ in all the foul odours, impurities, contaminants and mould spores. So bed needs your Brisbane Mattress Cleaning professionals to the rescue.

You sleep on your mattress for around 3,000 hours per year!

Did you know a mattress harbours more harmful bacteria than your toilet? That’s due to the exfoliation of dead skin, dust mite allergens, bodily fluid residue and other organic matter that bacteria digests.

What if you own a second-hand mattress? The contaminants aren’t yours but someone else’s. What about the ugly stains? How do you remove those urine or sweat stains?

Let’s go one step further. Have you ever slept in a motel or hotel bed? Potentially 365 different people sleep on a motel or hotel mattress every year. That’s 3,000 hours of other people’s dead skin and bodily fluid residue without mattress cleaning.

Brisbane Mattress Cleaning

In over nine years of mattress cleaning and sanitising, RevitaClean has treated over 20,000 mattresses. We clean beds in homes, hotels, motels, holiday parks and convention centres around Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Sunshine Coast and even up to Bundaberg. We treat all surfaces, not just the top but the bottom and the four sides also. That’s a lot of cleaning. But that’s what we do. Professional Mattress Cleaning. How do you clean a mattress? Is it best to steam clean your mattress? How do you clean a stained mattress? You don't need to know - Leave it to the professionals.

Your Brisbane Mattress Cleaning experts have the answer. To read some our genuine reviews from some of the best customers you could imagine, please go to our Testimonial Page.

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Brisbane Mattress Cleaning

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