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We Use No Harsh Chemicals, No Nasty Detergents, No Hot Water Extraction!

Brisbane Upholstery CleaningUpholstery can be cleaned in a lot of ways, but not all methods guarantee superior results and lasting shine. That is why we at RevitaClean have narrowed down to eco-friendly methods of upholstery cleaning in Brisbane to ensure nice and fresh soft furnishing without the sticky residue in the fibres. Sofa cleaning in Brisbane has never been easier than this. We specialise in cleaning upholstery of all shapes and sizes, and we carry a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products for a variety of upholstery fabrics, including cotton, velvet, linen, synthetic and wool to name a few.

Brisbane's Upholstery Sofa Cleaning Experts

RevitaClean, Brisbane’s eco-friendly upholstery cleaning experts loves cleaning sofas and lounges. We take care of your fabric lounges with TLC. Our couches cop a hiding when we have kids at home, eating their Vegemite sandwiches and drinking that wonderful red cordial. (Sorry, I was delving into my own childhood:). These days they eat Macca's and drink V energy drinks and ultimately spill it all over your lovely off-white fabric or worse still, the new white leather lounge.

What a mess. The cat jumps up and rubs fur all over the seats and the dog thinks it’s a great place to mark his territory. Yes, our lounge upholstery does take a beating. Our lounge is there sat on and due to everyday use and air pollution, it simply gets dirty.

We only use the highest quality eco-friendly upholstery cleaning products without any harsh chemicals that can damage the fibres and your health too.

Just because a Lounge Suite is Expensive doesn't make it Serviceable

Let me explain...

A couple of years ago, I turned up to a client's home to clean her lounge. She assured me on the phone that it was expensive and very well made. I had no doubts that this was correct. She went on to explain that every time anyone spills even the slightest amount of water on the fabric, they make a bee-line for the cloth and hair dryer to quickly dry it before it leaves a huge watermark on it.

She also said she has had many upholstery cleaners over to help her but to no avail. When I got there, I looked for the care instruction label which said quite clearly, "Dry Clean Only". Dry cleaning solvents can be harmful and carcinogenic so minimal use only and be careful.  

Moral of the story... If you are looking for a new serviceable lounge, don't just ask the sales assistant, look for the "fabric care instruction label". It pays to research before you buy.

Eco-Friendly Upholstery Cleaning the RevitaClean way - Sofas and Lounges Stays Cleaner for Longer

What makes the RevitaClean upholstery cleaning system better than the rest?

All products we use are safe and eco-friendly utilising a natural cleaning process. As they are all ph neutral and water soluble, you can be rest assured there is no colour loss, no returned stains or no sticky residue. We use no sticky detergents so your fabric sofas and lounge chairs will stay cleaner for longer.

RevitaClean, Brisbane's eco-friendly upholstery cleaning experts service all Brisbane suburbs, Redland City and  Logan. You can find a full list of the RevitaClean Service Area.

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Eco-Friendly Upholstery CleaningEco-Friendly Upholstery CleaningEco-Friendly Upholstery CleaningEco-Friendly Upholstery Cleaning


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