Mattress Urine Removal in Brisbane

Cleaning Urine from a Mattress or Carpet

Brisbane Urine RemovalThere are many substances that can be spilled on fabric that enters the "very difficult to remove" list. Urine removal tops that list along with sweat and old blood stains. Brisbane urine removal has the solution but first, some information about the makeup of urine.

Urine is consists of between 91% to 96% water and the rest is made up of enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, pigments and salts among other chemicals. We can break urine down into 3 major components - Urea, Urochrome and Uric Acid. Urea and urochrome are highly water soluble so removing them is rather simple. By adding water with a spray bottle, and blotting out with a white towel. This however may spread the urine on the mattress causing a larger stain. Of course that could take literally hours depending on the spill size. You must understand, urine must be removed from your mattress or carpets. Blotting alone won't work.

How to Clean Urine from a Mattress

When you do a Google search for removing urine from your bed or your child's bed, many amazing 'solutions' are given. From pouring club soda all over it and leaving it to dry to drizzling vinegar all over it and adding borax or soda bicarbonate to the mix. All these well meaning ideas make you feel you are doing something positive but the best outcome is nice yellow urine stains spread all over your mattress. Any moisture added to a mattress or carpet must be done under strict control in order to prevent further spreading. The reality is, whatever goes in must be removed, not added too!

Sprinkle Dry Bicarb Soda over the Wet Urine

Brisbane Urine RemovalWhile the urine is still damp, sprinkle bicarb soda over it so it is covered. Do not rub but place a damp but not wet towel over the mattress or carpet urine spill. This will help absorb the wee and deodorise the pungent smell. Every hour or so, replace the towel with a clean towel or paper towels. After the urine has dried, vacuum the remaining bicarb soda. This is only a temporary solution however. The urine must be completely removed otherwise the next hot, humid Brisbane day will release the pungent odour once again.

Earlier, we spoke about urea and urochrome, now for the final component, uric acid. This acid is found in our joints if we suffer from gout however, is not water soluble or at very best, marginally water soluble. This is the problem and where the Brisbane Urine removal experts step up to the stage.

Our process is safe, effective and uses no harmful chemicals. We draw out the water soluble components and then we treat the uric acid. This pungent component of the urine is made water soluble using a completely natural process prior to its removal. Steam cleaning a mattress with urine or the use of cleaning chemicals on urine will only make the stain and uric acid permanent. Do not apply heat to urine.

How Long Does Urine Removal Take?

Brisbane Urine Removal

That's a fairly open ended question. The size of the urine spill and the size of the mattress will determine the time it will take to remove it.

There has been cases where it took only 15 minutes longer than a normal mattress clean, other times, an hour. There are 2 determining factors to our success...

  1. How you dealt with the original urine spill (did you apply heat or cleaning chemicals?)
  2. How old is the urine spill?

Please read the 'Did You Know' column to the right for some tips for when a urine spill occurs. Never use chemicals, air fresheners, Glen 20 or any other solvent or deodorant. A chemical reaction can happen making it even more difficult to deal with.

The sooner we get to the spill, the better. As the Brisbane and Redland City urine removal specialists who have treated hundreds of urine spills on mattresses and carpets, we will give you the best possible outcome. As time passes by, the urine can actually dye the fibres making the stain permanent. Professional urine removal from a mattress or carpet is essential for success.

Brisbane Urine Removal

Did You Know...

Urine is made up from 3 components - Urea, Urochrome & Uric Acid. Uric Acid is not water soluble and can't be removed with water or solvents

If you have a urine spill on your mattress, spay a little cool water on it, try to blot the urine with white towel and flip the mattress over to help prevent further wetting of the padding

Do NOT apply heat to urine spills. Hair dryers, hot water and steam will cause crystalising of the uric acid and will permanently attach to the mattress or carpet fibres

Some staining can naturally occur with urine spills. Urine can discolour some fabrics due to the acids and salts in the the substance

Don't listen to all the 'helpful advise' found on the web about urine removal. Pouring vinegar and detergents over urine will not help but rather can hinder any possible removal

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