Carpet Cleaning Service in Capalaba

Carpet Cleaning Service in Capalaba

RevitaClean provides moisture-free carpet cleaning in Capalaba to give you nice and clean carpets that smell fresh, feel soft and are ready to use immediately after cleaning.

Just in case you are curious about how we do it, the secret lies in our dry carpet cleaning system, which kicks traditional steam cleaning methods to the curb.

Your carpet will be pre-sprayed with a light mist of eco-friendly solution that dissolves grime and softens those stubborn stains to be lifted later with the help of a purpose-built machine. As a result, you will get clean and dry carpets in hours and not days.

Remove Dust Mites from your Carpets in Capalaba

Skin and respiratory allergies are common in Australian households due to dust mites present in the carpets. With little agitation in the fibres, these dust mites quickly become airborne and settle on your skin or get inhaled to trigger allergic reactions.

Having these dust mites removed from your carpets is anyday cheaper than hospital bills. So give us a call today to book an appointment for carpet cleaning in Capalaba.

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning?

  • When we clean your carpets using advanced dry methods, we leave no ugly tide marks behind.
  • The stains and odour will be lifted without damaging the carpet fibres.
  • Since we do not employ water-based techniques, your carpets won't shrink after drying.
  • Chemical-free cleaning retains the colour and finish of your carpets for years.
  • No sticky residue or smelly mess.

You don't have to put up with a dirty carpet, especially when professional cleaning solutions are just a phone call away. Have your carpets cleaned to the highest standards and have them ready-to-use right off the bat.

Call now or leave a message to book an appointment for bespoke carpet cleaning in Capalaba.