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The team at RevitaClean wants to hear your story. Do you require advise about mattress cleaning? How about carpet cleaning? Maybe you want to dispel some cleaning myths regarding urine removal or dust mite removal in Brisbane or the Redlands. Contact RevitaClean today.

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We read all claims on the internet regarding mattress hygiene and carpet cleaning. Some of these claims are sound with legitimate documentation and studies to support them. Some however are illegitimate and must be treated with utter caution. RevitaClean has studied many methods of mattress cleaning and sanitation and are completely satisfied with the safe and sure system we have adopted in 2011. Same with our carpet cleaning system. Due to the fact that we don't rely on washing the carpets with detergents and chemicals leaves me very excited about the carpet cleaning we achieve here in Brisbane and the Redland City.

We are here as a business to add benefit to your life. Many articles are written in journals and viewed on television regarding the toxicity of most cleaning products - even antibacterial products. What are you spraying in your house? Do you really need to wipe down every surface with disinfectants every few minutes? It could be potentially harming your health more than you think.

Check out the video from Channel 7's Sunrise on our Facebook page.

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Our contact form is currently disabled for maintenance. For more information or for a quote, please call 0432 333 464 or simply email us with your enquiry. Please include your name, suburb, mobile number and details of your quote request such as:- Mattress Size and amount, number of Carpeted rooms that need Cleaning, Chairs/Sofa size etc.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.    Thank you and have an awesome day, Daren.

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