Dry Mattress Cleaning

Dry Mattress Cleaning is the Best System

There are proponents of both Dry Mattress Cleaning and steam cleaning methods. Mattress steam cleaning and carpet steam cleaning is a generic term for "hot water extraction". Due to this misconception of “Mattress and Carpet Steam Cleaning”, the following information is valuable when deciding which system is best when you have your mattress cleaned and sanitised.

Steam Cleaning (Wet System)

Mattress Steam cleaning is a wet system that oddly DOES NOT use steam. Its correct name is hot water extraction. You may have in the old days used this system to clean your carpets which took many hours, even days to completely dry. This leads to a range of potential health issues, including mould spore and harmful bacteria growth. Well, this method is the same but for mattresses. Hot water extraction utilises nasty Detergents and harsh chemicals.


  • Leaves it looking good initially.
  • It's fast and relatively inexpensive.


  • The use of some harsh chemicals
  • Leaves the mattress quite wet for a long time - Leading to mould and bacterial growth
  • Stains can often return with 'wicking' as it dries.
  • Hot water sets in some stains such as urine making them permanent
  • Can't give a 100% guarantee of all stain removal
Dry Mattress Cleaning

See the RevitaClean difference.

Professional Deep Dry Extraction

The dry mattress cleaning system extracts the dead skin, dust mites and dust mite allergens from your mattress. We treat all surfaces, including the top, bottom and the four sides. If correctly performed, the operator uses a high-powered machine with a rolling brush unit to vibrate the contaminants from the mattress. Genuine HEPA filtration system prevents the microscopic particles escaping through the exhaust, thus contaminating your room.


  • Dry in 30 minutes *
  • We treat all surfaces.
  • Treats mould spores and harmful bacteria on contact sanitiser and separate mould treatment
  • Our superior mattress sanitising spray has a super wetting agent, so it is useful in the padding, not just the surface.
  • Extracts dead skin and dust mites
  • Highly effective for asthmatics and those allergic to dust mites
  • Doesn't only clean & sanitise but also deodorises

* Except in the case of urine or another stain removal


  • A queen mattress full treatment can take over an hour to thoroughly clean & sanitise
  • Can't offer a 100% guarantee of all stain removal

UV-C Light Method

FYI: Some mattress cleaners have opted to use UV-C light to kill the bacteria, thus an arid system; however, this also has genuine negative issues.

  • The UV light doesn't penetrate the surface to kill bacteria inside the mattress. It is a dry mattress cleaning method but not our choice.
  • Clinical tests show bacteria needs 3-8 minutes of constant direct exposure to the correct frequency of UV-C rays. Less exposure is of no consequence.

Preferred Mattress Cleaning System

After researching all available systems, RevitaClean uses only the professional Dry Mattress Cleaning System as it is the premier mattress cleaning system. As far as we at RevitaClean understands, we are the only mattress cleaning business in Brisbane using this system accurately as described above and have been using it for many years.

It offers the most thorough method by dry extracting the talc-like dead skin (see picture), dust mite allergens and debris into a HEPA fitted machine. This machine prevents mud from forming in the mattress. This is simply one part of the whole job. The sanitiser used must be suitable for all fabrics and not mixed with any other chemicals. We apply our unique lemon-scented product to your mattress, making it healthy and fresh so we can have an excellent night's sleep once again.

The RevitaClean method attracts manufacturers to treat mattresses before warranty claims. You can use your mattress within 30 minutes of the RevitaClean treatment*. Remember, we treat the whole mattress, not just the top!

Please note that when stain treatment is needed, such as urine, blood, grime, moisture is always required in the form of our natural Probiotic products. 

Dry Mattress Cleaning
Did You Know...

The dust mites’ main food source is dead skin flakes we exfoliate and animal dander in your mattress 

If you have a urine spill, do not apply heat or any cleaning chemical but rather blot with a white towel and sprinkle a little baking soda on it. This helps absorb the moisture and draw out the smell. Then call RevitaClean to remove it completely

The clear majority of stains found on the mattress are organic. Don't try any supermarket stain removers on these stains. Cool water and blot then call RevitaClean. Too much added water will cause the stain to spread

Dry mattress cleaning is the most effective method of contamination removal prior to a complete sanitising the mattress

All mattresses must be fully sanitised prior to manufacturer’s warranty claims for health reasons. RevitaClean gives a Mattress Sanitation Certificate following treatment to give the manufacturer

The RevitaClean mattress cleaning and sanitising system satisfies manufacturer's warranties

On average, over 2,000,000 dust mites colonise your queen mattress spreading their potent allergens throughout your mattress

Think About This... Many hotels across Australia do not have their mattresses regularly cleaned, sanitised and deodorised. Does your favourite hotel or motel establishment clean their mattresses? You owe it to yourself to ask. How many people have slept on that bed before you?

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