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Mattress Cleaning Wynnum

Mattress Cleaning WynnumDo you wake up sneezing, with headaches, puffy eyes or itching? Most Australians have no idea why they wake up this way. We learn to simply put up with these discomforts thinking they are normal. These symptoms may seem normal for you now because that's the way it's always been. However, removing dust mites and their potent allergens may be a timely solution. Your relief could be as simple as calling RevitaClean, Mattress Cleaning Wynnum, to have your mattress professionally deep cleaned and sanitised.

Dust Mite Removal

When did you last have your mattress cleaned? Great question. If you are allergic to dust mite allergens, you must adjust your home living environment. That's one thing you have control of - Mattress hygiene in your home.

Dust mite colonies are actively living in your bed. Unfortunately, the warm, humid climate of South East Queensland is the perfect environment for dust mite colonies to multiply in our homes. So it's time to call your Wynnum Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising professionals.

Mattress Cleaning Wynnum

St Helena Island

We have many clients all over Brisbane Bayside. Whether you are in Gumdale or Wakerley, Wynnum West or Manly West. We service the whole Wynnum Manly area, and we come to you! So from Lota to Lindum and Lytton and from Murarrie and Tingalpa to Wynnum North, call your mattress cleaning Wynnum experts today for a free quote on 0432333464 or complete our contact form.

As we sleep at night, we exfoliate. Dead skin is the staple diet of dust mites. Even though dust mites don't bite, they do poo. The excreted faeces in your mattress from these microscopic spiders is prolific and causes significant discomfort. Each time we move in bed, allergens become airborne and rest on our skin, making us itchy or causing an eczema outbreak. We breathe it into our respiratory system, causing us to sneeze, cough, or even trigger an asthma attack.

Urine Removal

If you have children or pets, one sure thing is they will wet the bed. Urine is smelly and ugly, and the acids can cause real issues for your mattress. The internet is full of urine removal 'remedies' that add to the problem rather than fixing it. Whatever goes into your bed must come out if you want a healthy mattress. As with dead skin, dust mites and bacteria must be removed, and urine must be removed. If you pore vinegar or any other liquid over the little stain, it will spread the colour further - Guaranteed.

Our mattress urine removal system breaks the hard-to-remove uric acid down to water-soluble components so it can be removed. Our completely natural products are safe and eco-friendly. However, steam, heat or chemicals will cause the stain to set in. If anyone advises you to have your mattress steam cleaned to remove the urine, question them. It simply will not work for more information on eliminating urine from your mattress.

A Simple Word of Warning

Never use steam (hot water extraction) on a mattress. Mattress steam cleaning can void your warranty, and the chemicals and detergents and ruin your mattress. It leaves the bed damp internally for hours, even days. It can damage the padding, rust the springs, and attract mould spores and bacterial growth. I have even seen rust stains from the springs on the surface of the mattress from steam cleaning a mattress. One added consideration: Hot water extraction also requires using chemical pre-sprays and detergents that can be harmful to your skin and respiratory system.

You spend one-third of your life in your bed. So why not make it a safe sleeping environment for you and your family? Call your Mattress Cleaning Wynnum and Brisbane Bayside Service on 0432 333 464. For more information, please click the Mattress Cleaning link below.

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Mattress Cleaning Wynnum

Excellent Service

RevitaClean enjoys our success due to the amazing customers we serve. Our customers are The life blood of this mattress cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning business here in Brisbane and the Redlands. To return the favour, we honour our customers by giving them excellent customer service. We are so excited to experience their return business time and time again along with referral business.

Thanks so much, Daren.

Mattress Cleaning Wynnum

Eco Friendly Products

RevitaClean doesn't just talk 'green' we use green products. It's great for the environment and your family's long-term health. We use no harsh chemicals and 95% less water than the old hot water extraction system (also known as "steam cleaning"). Dry Mattress Cleaning, Dry and Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning and Chemical-Free Upholstery Cleaning with great results to boot.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising
We treat the whole mattress, the top, bottom and the four sides - not just the top. No more dust mites, allergens or bacteria.

We remove the dust mites and their potent allergen and your dead skin from your mattress making it healthy once again

Carpet Cleaning
Your carpets will be clean, fresh and able to walk on immediately! No more wet, soggy and smelly carpets with the RevitaClean system

How awesome... Clean carpets and no chemicals, detergents & 95% less water. Great for your health and for the environment.

Upholstery Cleaning
No hot water extraction used on your fabric sofa. Your sofa will be clean and sanitised and ready for use with our revolutionary cleaning system

We clean fabric upholstery and leather cleaning and protection. Call us and we'll make your sofas and chairs look fantastic.

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