Redlands Carpet Cleaning

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Redlands Carpet Cleaning - Dry, Safe, with No Hot Water Extraction, Chemicals or nasty Detergents

Don't Settle for Less than the Highest Quality Service RevitaClean Offers You Today

Redlands Carpet Cleaning

When you think of carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning' has become the generic term. The method is hot water extraction which uses a portable machine or a truck mount with long hoses. Carpet steam cleaning is an age-old method using detergents and chemical pre-sprays applied and extracted with hot water - not steam. Carpet Cleaning in the Redlands, however, has evolved.

Have you had your carpets "steam cleaned" in the past? You had to run your fans for hours with your windows wide open to dry them. The RevitaClean Carpet Cleaning System is innovative, effective, safe and is dry! No more waiting for your carpets to dry with RevitaClean! Genuine carpet DRY cleaning!

Redlands Carpet Cleaning

Dust Mites Removal from your Carpets

Dust mites eat the skin we exfoliate. These dead skin cells settle to the floor, and the dust mites breed in your carpets throughout your house. The dust mites excrete a protein that detrimentally affects all sensitive to this potent allergen. Each time you walk on or disturb your carpets, this allergen becomes airborne and rests on your skin, making you itchy or causing an eczema outbreak. You breathe it into your respiratory system, which causes you to sneeze, cough, or even trigger an asthma attack.

These dust mites don't budge an inch with ordinary detergent and traditional cleaning methods. And they might as well find ideal conditions to proliferate on the sticky residue.

However, the specialised carpet cleaning technique of RevitaClean changes everything. Dust mites will be removed effectively with an assurance of no return anytime soon.

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning?

RevitaClean's carpet cleaning system is all-natural and highly effective, leaving your carpets clean and fresh and dry within 30 minutes. No returned stains. No watermarks. Just clean carpets.

Call RevitaClean, your Redlands Dry Carpet Cleaners, today on 0432 333 464. We are your local Redlands-owned and operated business.

Redlands Carpet Cleaning

Excellent Service

RevitaClean enjoys our success due to the amazing customers we serve. Our customers are The life blood of this mattress cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning business here in Brisbane and the Redlands. To return the favour, we honour our customers by giving them excellent customer service. We are so excited to experience their return business time and time again along with referral business.

Thanks so much, Daren.

Redlands Carpet Cleaning


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Redlands Carpet Cleaning

Eco Friendly Products

RevitaClean doesn't just talk 'green' we use green products. It's great for the environment and your family's long-term health. We use no harsh chemicals and 95% less water than the old hot water extraction system (also known as "steam cleaning"). Dry Mattress Cleaning, Dry and Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning and Chemical-Free Upholstery Cleaning with great results to boot.

Redlands Dry Carpet Cleaning servicing Alexandra Hills - Birkdale - Capalaba - Cleveland- Mount Cotton - Ormiston - Raby Bay - Redland Bay - Sheldon -  Thorneside - Thornlands - Victoria Point - Wellington Point

Redlands Owned & Redlands Operated